FREE DOWNLOAD: The Forward Thinking Builder's Checklist


    • All the prelims you need to check off before your build
    • A print friendly spreadsheet version
    • A full glossary of the required steps
    • Complete guide to filling the checklist out

The most important checklist you will use in your build is one step away!


What is Home Together?

Home Together is a solution for owners who have decided to build their dream home independently. Using our workflow process your build will run smoothly, with a deadline and budget guarantee. Find out more about us here!


What if I’m not ready to build?

If you’re an owner looking to build your own home without hiring a company to do it for you, this checklist is a great way to get an idea of what’s involved. Building independently is a big job, but checklists like this one will make sure your build runs on time and on budget.

How does it work?

Once you enter your details, you will have access to our Builder’s Prelim Checklist, as a PDF and straight to your inbox so you can keep it on file. From there, you can fill it out on your phone, desktop or tablet, or┬áprint it if you prefer to fill it out by hand.