Building Your Own House vs Hiring A Building Company

In Australia, the path to building your dream home isn’t as simple as it used to be. Inflation, high interest rates, rising population levels and deregulation have made getting the money together to build or extend a much more difficult feat.

When we do manage to make it happen for ourselves, we put more consideration and care into our building decisions. Home Together was founded as a solution for Australian home owners who want to control their build by building their own home, without risk of losing their control to building companies.

The Home Together solution works on the knowledge that most people building their own home are invested in the process and are looking for a way to take on most aspects of the build themselves.

When owners become builders, they cut out the possibility of budget blowouts and deadline disasters caused by companies who don’t have the same emotional and financial connection to the project.

So, how does building your own home compare to building with a construction company? 


Hammer Building Tool

Hiring a building company

Building companies usually take on a project after the plans have been designed and drawn up by a draftsman or architect. The company then works with the client to form a quote and create a timeline from those plans.

If the client is shopping around for the right company to build with, bidding might take place, where the potential companies lower their price or up their inclusions to ‘win’ the project.

In a traditional build, the owner’s role is secondary to the company they choose. For the sake of efficiency, the builder will generally oversee all preliminary details of the build, most supplier and contract decisions, and decide whether the plans need to be altered at any stage.

The owner is then involved in smaller decisions that are needed throughout the build, like fit-out choices such as tiling, door handles and window fixtures. These are decided on before building starts and are usually guided by the company’s advice and recommended suppliers and contractors.

You should hire a building company if:

  • You have zero building know-how and don’t plan to learn
  • You’re happy to contribute to the builder’s earnings any time you upgrade your choices
  • You’ve worked with a builder before and were happy to leave everything up to them
  • You don’t mind sitting in a queue behind their other clients, waiting for documents you could’ve filed yourself


Building Plans Creating


Some forward-thinking construction companies have evolved their process to be more interactive with their clients. Where building with a company used to be a case of the owner choosing a design and paying the bill, some companies have branched into delegating design choices back to the owner.

However, this freedom of choice can sometimes cause timeline and budget roadblocks if the customer chooses styles that are out of date, lacking in inventory or simply gets too overwhelmed with options and can’t meet the deadline.

Home Together Tablet

Being an owner and builder

The Home Together process was created for owners with a deep attachment to the quality of their home build or renovation.

Home Together’s founders were often seeing clients frustrated by the process of their home being built by construction companies: before it got to the building stage, once it reached construction and well after they’d moved in. As building supervisors, they saw a pattern; owners whose initial budget was growing and whose move-in dates were being pushed further away without any control.

“We formed Home Together to help owners take control, and equip them with the tools to make their build a success.”

Home Together works with owners who are ready to build a home that’s completely their own; from the slab, to the frame, to the tiles, to the roofing, to the door fixtures – you get the picture. Our tool solves the very common fear that owners might miss details in the planning stage which could hold up the build process later.


Couple Building Home


If you’ve seen an episode of Grand Designs, you will have seen the repercussions of missing even a minor detail in the preliminary stage, the building plan or the budget plan. The fantastic news is, owning and building is the best way to build. 

The result of taking control of the build process yourself is a home that’s everything you wanted – you just need a great plan and Home Together’s industry-accredited advice.

We are a building company, but not like you’re used to.

We don’t show display homes and we don’t bid for your business. What we do is work with you from our very first consult to gauge your expectations and form a plan from there.

Our costs are transparent and fixed and we build your home with you according to the National Construction Code and Australian Standards.

Interested? Here’s how the Home Together process works.

You should build yourself if:

  • You want to control your own budget and timelines
  • You want complete control over the suppliers and contractors who work on your home
  • You want to invest your time and effort into a home that is completely and uniquely yours
  • You want complete transparency in the progress and quality of your build at every stage


Home Together Process

Our Process


On the tablet included in your Home Together service, we start by working through the preliminaries. These are the fine print points that a builder would normally do for you. We help you secure finance by presenting the bank with a concrete plan and then we begin. The ‘prelims’ are where first-time owners turned builders can slip up, purely because they don’t know what exactly needs to be approved pre-build. This is the first part of the process Home Together helps you sign, seal and deliver. Once the insurance, council approval, energy ratings and the rest are complete, we move onto selections.


Selections cover every stage of your build and we work through them with you, systematically and with care to research and hire the right suppliers and contractors for you. The selection process will start long before you build – keep those Pinterest boards, Grand Designs episodes and Better Homes and Gardens articles handy – it’s all possible when you DIY as an owner and builder!


The end result is a home you envisioned and built without compromise. The Home Together method is for owners who don’t want a cookie-cutter home that’s been built straight off a builder’s plan many times before. Is it more work than building with a construction company? Yes. But it’s also a much safer bet than trusting your resources and time to a company that might just see your build as ever-growing dollar signs.


There’s a reason more owners are taking on the role of builder, and with our measured approach, it’s truly the best way to build.

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